Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Opportunity

I know we are a little late on this, but first I would just like to say, Happy New Year! The last 8 weeks have been incredibly busy, and I am honored let everyone know that AudioActiv survived a second holiday season.  VAULT cases were obviously a huge hit as a gift this year, particularly models for the BIG Jambox and the Bose Soundlink, but I guess that makes sense with the growth in the portable audio market over the past 12 months. Research firm NPD Group estimated that audio equipment accounted for 13% of the $8 billion in consumer electronics sales between Nov. 24 and Dec. 7. More importantly, wireless speaker sales quadrupled. We love to see this kind of growth in the industry, but we even more happy to know that customers see the tremendous potential of our product. 

I do not want to ramble on all day here, but I do want to say thank to all of our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve you over the last 14 months. 2013 was a wonderful year, and AudioActiv has big plans for 2014. We are very close to bring some great new products to the market so please check back on our website and Facebook page for more updates over the coming weeks. 

Just in case you have not seen this already, I'll leave you with one picture of the all-new VAULT XL. The VAULT XL features some pretty awesome upgrades from our current large case model, but the core features remain the same. This case is waterproof, dirt-proof, shock-proof and delivers more hifi sound than you could ever imagine. Even better, we are expanding the line-up of interior configurations to accommodate more speakers from Bose, Jawbone, JBL, Braven and a few more.

P.S. If we have any readers that would like to post some pictures of their new VAULT case in action, we would love to see them. You (or your friends) can post pictures on this blog or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


David S.