Monday, September 16, 2013

Did You Win the Giveaway?

Thank you to everyone who entered our JAMBOX + VAULT giveaway. We really appreciate all the support all of our followers have shown. Thanks for believing in us. The lucky winner is...

Curtis Lu! You are now the owner of a brand new Jawbone Jambox speaker and an AudioActiv VAULT waterproof speaker case. We hope you take the VAULT with you on your next hiking adventure. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Please stay tuned for a very exciting announcement in the next couple weeks! Here's a sneak peak video. 

Summer's over. It's time for sweater weather!

And also, happy Music Monday! Today, we are featuring an awesome remix of The Neighbourhood's Top 40 song "Sweater Weather." This Little Daylight remix slows down the original and really accentuates the bass guitar line. This decelerated hard rock version then speeds up halfway through the song with a snarky electric guitar riff, high hats, and quick snares. Little Daylight does a good job of showing a wide spectrum of remixing styles in a span of four and a half minutes. Check it out below!